Welcome to our humble slice of the internet!

Lube and a Laptop is a get-together where bloggers, independent companies, and like minded individuals come together to meet each other, trade toys, and (to put it simply) hang out.

The first Lube and a Laptop event happened in Birmingham and was organized by Horny Geek Girl and Echo Explores. The event is now co-organized by Horny Geek Girl and Emmeline Peaches and is set to become a tri-annual event.

Shock at #LubeAndALaptop 😆

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Each Lube and a Laptop event has its own unique feel but we always strive to maintain a safe, friendly, and constructive environment for attendees.

The events are deliberately small-scale and non-commercial in execution, acting much more and a friendly meet-up than a formal conference or trade event. But don’t think that means we won’t have anything to offer: Toy trades, raffles, and helpful advice are always bound to be included.

Put simply, if you write about sex and want to have a fun time with your peers then Lube and a Laptop is for you!